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In Hong Kong, where there are many people living in a small area, many Hong Kong people live in "snail's pace" of only 100 feet, so the use of mini storage (Mini Storage / Self Storage) storage has become a major trend, no matter where you live, there is always a mini storage in the vicinity, in the new year, the use of mini storage storage will only be more and more people.


There are many different types of mini storage companies, services, and prices, so how do you choose the right and safe mini storage? We have chosen the most important and cannot ignore the four key points to pay attention to.


1. whether the security measures of mini storage is comprehensive

The first place to pay attention to is of course the security system. Some mini-warehouses do not have sufficient storage equipment, and there is no staff to monitor the operation of the mini-warehouse, which increases the risk of loss of customers' belongings. Therefore, when choosing a mini storage provider, you should choose one that can provide 24-hour security monitoring and alarm system. When an accident occurs, the system will directly contact the 24-hour security center staff to deal with any unexpected situation, or call the police for help if necessary, so that the customer's loss can be minimized.


On the other hand, in addition to having sound security measures to ensure the safety of customers' belongings, the freedom to pick up goods is also one of the factors to be considered. Since mini storage staffs are usually only stationed in the mini storage during office hours, a 24-hour intelligent security access system is also necessary. This measure not only prevents extraneous people from entering and exiting the mini-warehouse, but also gives tenants maximum freedom to pick up the goods they need to use at any time.


2. Adequacy of fire protection facilities in mini storage

Nowadays, people in Hong Kong can't live without mini storage, whether it is for home renovation, moving companies, storing cardboard boxes, moving miscellaneous goods, general storage, collectibles and wine storage, mini storage will also be used. The mini-warehouse fires that occurred in the early years have greatly increased the public's awareness of mini-warehouse fire prevention facilities, and mini-warehouse fire prevention facilities have been one of the key points to pay attention to when renting mini-warehouses.

In addition to checking the necessary mini storage fire equipment: fire extinguishers, escape exit signs, fire hose reels, and automatic sprinklers, the public should also pay attention to whether the mini storage has enough rescue windows, whether the escape doors are locked for a long time, whether the layout of the storage compartment is too crowded, and whether it complies with the latest firefighting guidelines, etc. Any factors that may increase the risk of fire should be seriously checked to protect your property and life.


3. whether the location of the mini storage is in compliance with the building lease requirements of the Buildings Department

Many mini-warehouses use ultra-low rents to attract tenants, but some mini-warehouses are actually located in violation of the terms of the building lease.


The leases of many industrial units actually state that the lot can only be used for "industrial" purposes, and the operation of warehouses (including "mini-warehouses") is a violation of the lease conditions. Only if the lease of a mini-storage unit is listed as "industrial and/or warehouse" or "warehouse" use can it be considered legal.


However, most people in Hong Kong are not very sensitive to the fact that it is illegal to violate the lease, because most people have already converted industrial buildings into sub-divided units, or have rented units in them for residential use.


However, in the case of renting a mini-warehouse, if the government finds that the mini-warehouse you rented is in violation of the lease, it will issue a warning letter to the mini-warehouse or even "nail the lease".


When the mini-warehouse has to be relocated, you will be asked to surrender your lease and move to a new location to accommodate your goods. Imagine if your Kwai Chung mini-warehouse is filled with storage documents and cardboard boxes that were placed when you moved your company, and hundreds of kilograms of storage documents have to be relocated in the same area, and if you have signed a 12-month warehouse contract but are forced to move after one month, you will have to negotiate with the mini-warehouse provider for refund of service fees for the remaining months, which may take days or even weeks. In this case, it is not worthwhile to choose a mini storage that violates the lease because of the cheap service fee.


Therefore, you may wish to check the information in the Land Registry to determine whether the mini storage is in violation of the lease before selecting the mini storage.


4. The location of the items stored in mini storage

Don't think that using mini storage is the perfect solution to the problem of lack of storage space. The cost of renting mini storage is determined by the size of the area, so how to use the small mini storage to store the most goods is also a skill. In fact, you can use the smallest mini storage to store the most goods as long as you make use of a few important points of storage space.


First of all, you should calculate the size of mini storage you need, so that you don't have to change the size of mini storage after storing all your goods, which is a waste of energy and time.


Secondly, you need to store your goods in different categories: documents for storage, cardboard boxes for moving, and collectibles should also be divided into different areas and placed properly to save time for picking up goods. Fragile things can also be placed in front of the warehouse door to reduce the difficulty of picking up the goods.

The third point, large goods are best disassembled, such as detachable desks and chairs, etc., may be in the company renovation or home renovation before moving house to disassemble and put away, easy to extract while reducing the use of storage location.


Furthermore, the flexible use of storage tools is also a key point, you can buy some small tools to help storage and storage from Taobao or life department stores such as Japanese storage shoe clips, vacuum storage bags and so on.


Finally, of course, to the high altitude development, many people storage is only pay attention to the size of the mini storage, but in fact has mini storage head space, is also very wide lying storage location. Just prepare a sturdy storage shelf, heavy goods such as paper boxes for documents, clothing can be placed below, light ornaments and so on can be placed above.


By using the above methods flexibly, you too can become an expert in mini storage and storage!


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