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Hong Kong has a high living index. It is not just that easy to save money, so I have to start with some small details in daily life. But it's obvious that I don't dare to turn on the air conditioner in summer, and I don't turn on the lights when it's dark. Why is the electricity bill still so high? It is better to pay attention to these three energy saving methods:



Pay attention to washing machine style
Washing machines generally have front-mounted and top-removing impeller types. The front-mounted type normally uses higher water temperature for washing, while the top-removing impeller type uses room temperature water for washing. Therefore, the top-removing impeller type washing machine without heating function is generally better. Energy saving.



Avoid improper use of dehumidifiers

When using the dehumidifier, you must close the doors and windows, otherwise the moisture will continue to enter and exit the cycle, which will reduce the dehumidification effect and greatly increase the power consumption.



Pay attention to the style of air conditioner

Air conditioners generally have variable frequency and fixed frequency! Although the price of inverter type air conditioners is normally more expensive than fixed-frequency type air conditioners, inverter type air conditioners are more energy-efficient, and the gap in electricity bills will gradually surface.


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