Housewives' 5 tips for storage | Mini storage | Double the space


Housewives' 5 tips for storage | Mini storage doubles the space

Hong Kong’s snail dwellings are small in size, and part of the kitchen space is often sacrificed in order to increase the listening area. The layout of the kitchen has become quirky and difficult to move around. In this small space, it is necessary to handle washing, cutting, and cooking at the same time. Kung fu, cooking immediately became an extremely difficult job, making cooking from interest to boring. Don't want good food, easy and handy to cook? Since there is a lot of space, why don't you try five tricks? Re-plan the kitchen layout, and then do a good job of storage, so that the chaotic space becomes tidy, and it's natural to get into the kitchen quickly!
The editor shares the following five secrets:
Secret One:
Make good use of the kitchen cabinets, sink location, and wall space, make good use of partitions and storage tools, let the storage position develop upwards and downwards, and keep the central area tidy.
Secret Two:
Organize kitchen supplies, discard unnecessary items first, and try to reduce the number of dishes and old cooking utensils.
Secret three:
Organize the dishes properly. Common dishes can be placed in a convenient location.
Secret Four:
The dishes are stored upright. Different types and sizes of dishes should not be stacked for storage. The cooking utensils and lids of the oven can be stored separately to save space.
Secret five:
Tableware and cups that are worthy of remembrance and are reluctant to discard can be stored horizontally in the storage box and placed in the mini storage.
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