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Moving houses is considered troublesome to many people. In Hong Kong, where property prices continue to be high, it is not easy to find a unit with a good price and suitable space. When you officially move, you must organize all the things in your home and put them all in the box. Once the old unit needs to be paid in advance, and the new unit is not ready, finding a place to relocate household items or even furniture is another trouble; even if it is because the original unit needs to be renovated and the new unit is temporarily rented for short-term residence, move the house. Warehouse is also a headache, and it is the most important item for many people to pay attention to when moving. If all the sundries and furniture are moved to the new unit, the new unit may not have enough space. Therefore, many people will choose to move the house and store them in the mini-warehouse for things that are not needed in the short term but cannot be thrown away. However, there are so many mini-storage options in Hong Kong. How to choose the most suitable mini-storage? Let me introduce a few tips for moving and storage!

Tip 1: Consider the size of the mini-storage required

Although the mini storage rental is cheap and offers many discounts, it is not a small amount for long-term rental. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable mini-storage. With the increasing popularity of mini-storage in Hong Kong, local mini-storage companies now provide more and more forms of mini-storage sizes for customers to choose from. Take a mini-storage of about 16 square feet as an example, it can hold about 20 large boxes of objects, which is especially suitable for storing model toys, small sundries such as old photo albums or small suitcases. If you have a large number of people in your home and the quantity of clothes is large, you can consider renting a 28-square-foot, or even larger, mini-storage when you move to store your house. You can store seasonal clothes to reserve more space for your new home. However, if you also consider storing part of the furniture, such as mattresses, wardrobes, and small appliances, in the mini-storage, a mini-storage of about 40 square feet will be your best choice. The mini storage provides 16-84 square feet of mini storage rental, which can definitely meet your different needs when you move and store your warehouse.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the lease term of the mini-storage

I believe that today's Hong Kong people choose to move and store their houses just to meet short-term needs or to change the environment, looking for freshness, and some are people who rent new buildings temporarily because of the renovation of their old homes. Therefore, the flexibility of the lease term of the mini-storage becomes particularly important. Some mini-storages will require tenants to sign a lease for several months. Even if they want to withdraw the lease temporarily, a notice period of several months is required. This is for those who wish to temporarily store a short-term lease. For tenants, it is extremely inconvenient and annoying. Therefore, before signing the lease, you must carefully check whether the lease term is flexible and appropriate, and you should also ask whether the mini-warehouse company will have to pay extra costs in addition to the rent. However, if you do not need to move and store because of renovations, some mini-storages that do not provide long-term rental can allow you to effectively store seasonal clothes and electrical appliances, such as fans and heaters, which can be said to be a space saving for new homes. It is also a choice that allows you to live a more comfortable life.

Tip 3: Choose a suitable mini-storage location

Whether it is for short-term rental of real estate due to refurbishment, or moving to a new living environment for long-term residence, the location of the mini storage when moving to the new home is also an important part. It is recommended that you choose a nearby new home. Some household items may not be used when you first move to a new house, so it is recommended to put them in the mini-storage. But if there is a sudden need, if the location of the mini-storage is close to your new home, it will be convenient for you to transport your items home in a short time, which greatly saves transportation expenses and your precious time. Therefore, choosing a suitable location for the mini-storage is also to move the house, store or even move. It is a very important item that cannot be ignored. Our mini-storage stores are located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, which is definitely a good choice for you to move.
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