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The number one home storage problem - Clothes storage

Parent-child relationships - child development and preparation

Tips for organising childcare products

Life attitude - the "cut and run" method

Tips for organising

Mini storage is a great way to expand your home space


The office, the basketball court, the waterfront or the Western restaurant, there are always different scenes in life that flash through our minds, but not everyone has a similar path in life. But in a sea of people, there is always a place where everyone starts and where everyone has their own unique feelings and memories - their own home.  


However, Hong Kong is never a spacious place to live, and many ideas and designs that are initially beautiful and ideal are crushed by the pressures of life and clutter. So we have to use our wisdom to create infinite changes out of the impossible! To take back the initiative for our own living space and create our own ideal home.


In view of this, we at One Storage would like to accompany you with a comprehensive guide on how to expand your home in the areas of clothing storage, parenting and child development, disconnection, storage tips and mini storage! 


The number one home storage problem - Clothes storage


Many Hong Kong people's number one home storage problem should be clothing, so why not take a look at the tips we have shared with you?


Clothes storage tip 1 - Centralise and sort
Do you have a lot of clothes and a lot of different types and brands? So it's a good idea to start by organising and sorting your clothes into different categories, such as tops, trousers and bottoms, and then separating them into different seasonal items according to thickness.


Clothes organising tip 2 - Choose the clothes you will actually wear
As trends change seasonally and your preferences change, there will be more and more clothes in the depths of your wardrobe in spring and autumn that you will never wear again. If you have more and more stuff, nothing can really help. Once you've decided which clothes you don't need, consider putting them in mini storage!


Clothes storage tip 3 - Use storage boxes and label them well
A storage box can be used to store different clothes of different shapes and sizes in a neat and organised way. 


Clothes storage tip 4 - Fold your clothes upright
Fold your clothes in a rectangular shape for easy storage and place them vertically in a drawer or wardrobe to save space and find your clothes at a glance. 


Clothes storage tip 5 - Use vacuum compression bags
Winter clothes such as cotton jackets and down are usually thicker and harder to store. By using vacuum compression bags to compress them, you can save space and achieve anti-bacterial and moisture-proof effects. 


Clothes storage tip 6 - Use the space above the walls
Hong Kong homes are small in size and have limited horizontal floor space, so the only way to increase storage space is to move up and use different hanging tools to make the most of the space above the walls to hang your clothes.  


Clothes storage tip 7 - Exchange or donation platforms
There are a number of online bartering platforms where you can try to swap clothes that no longer fit, or donate to a charity to help those in need.


Parent-child relationships - child development and preparation

The family is the starting point of life, so a good living space is essential for parent-child relationships and the development of young children. 


When preparing for a new addition to your home, it is more important than you think to set aside enough space for the items you will need. With more children in the home, there will be an increase in the amount of normal items needed such as food and clothes, as well as items that are unique to caring for children such as cots, nappy tables, walkers, etc. 


It is also important to make an effort to create a safe and hygienic environment. Apart from cleaning up every area of the home more carefully than usual, it is also important to equip the home with different safety accessories so that children can explore the home with less risk of accidents. For example, add bumper stickers to sharp points and corners, and put locks on windows and medicine cupboard doors so that babies can't easily reach or hurt themselves. 



Tips for organising childcare products


Tips for storing nursery items 1 - Use airtight bags for loose items


Some loose items, such as bumper stickers and pacifiers, are suitable for sorting and storing in airtight bags. This keeps them hygienic and does not create a mess in the home.  
Tips for storing childcare items 2 - Use boxes and bins


Boxes and bins can be stacked together to reduce waste of storage space. 
Tips for organising childcare items 3 - Think about how to use unused space in your home


Some childcare items may not be used frequently and there is a lack of storage space in Hong Kong homes, so it's a good idea to use the space under the bed, in the corners and under the table to pack away the items you don't use. 

Life attitude - the "cut and run" method


In recent years, the concept of "disconnection" has become popular in Japan and has spread to Hong Kong. Let us give you a brief introduction.


It is a style of tidying up your home. The main reason why the concept of "cutting off and leaving" became popular in Japan is that Japanese home decoration and culture pursue simplicity and cleanliness, and try not to leave anything redundant or unused at home.
In Hong Kong, it is probably because Hong Kong people like to collect all sorts of things, but the fast pace of life makes it difficult to develop the habit of regular storage and management, so all collections or things are piled up in the corners of the home without thinking. 


The home is the starting point for everyone, and the home is often a reflection of one's own habits and attitudes, so this attitude of disconnection may be the reason why many Hong Kong people reflect on their relationship with different objects, in order to achieve a balance.


Tips for organising


Once you understand the reason behind the "break-away" mentality, you will want to go home and start tidying up, but it's not easy to do.


Tidying tip 1 - Consider the actual frequency of use of items
Put things in the right place according to how often they are used. Know your own habits and put things you use frequently in a prominent place, while putting away things you don't.


Storage tip 2 - the "one, five, seven" rule
Try to keep only 10% of your display shelves, 50% of your storage shelves and 70% of your wardrobe and cupboards to reduce the feeling of overcrowding and to make room for future things.


Storage tip #3 - Regularly check out your home to help with disconnection
People are inert and have a limited amount of energy to handle and sort things in the home at a time, so it is easy to lose motivation when faced with too much clutter.


Mini storage is a great way to expand your home space


Why is it that Hong Kong families seem to be particularly vulnerable to the stress of home storage? Perhaps because most household items are actually useful, but many of them do not need to be used on a daily basis, so they should not take up space in the home, but should be kept in a garage or storage unit, as is the case in overseas countries. 


However, the problem is that most people in Hong Kong do not have a garage or storage area to keep items that they do not use frequently, thus creating a clutter problem. But just because you can't have a storage unit at home, doesn't mean you can't find one! In fact, mini storage is a great option! The good thing about Hong Kong is that it's easy to get around, so it's easy to find a mini storage unit to store things like large kitchenware, souvenirs, and appliances that you don't use often.  


Once you know what mini storage can do for your living space, it's time to find a reliable, professional mini storage unit. One Storage is the best choice for you!


You don't have to worry about taking your belongings far away to use our service, because we have nearly 40 One Storage Mini Storage locations throughout Hong Kong, which are easily accessible by car or different means of transport.


You don't have to worry about the safety of your belongings either! You don't have to worry about the safety of your belongings either, as we follow all fire regulations and mini storage guidelines to the letter, and you can check in and out your belongings 24 hours a day. If you are worried about renting a storage unit that is too big or too small, One Storage offers a space calculator on our website, which allows you to calculate the amount of storage space you need by providing information about your belongings. Each storage space is also equipped with an all-day air conditioning system, so most household items can be stored without worry!   


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