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Mini storage-storage tips-how to store artworks

Storage skills. How to store artwork? Artwork is your favorite and long-term investment. It is important to find a safe place to store and preserve them. Materials to be prepared: furniture, polishing agent, cleaning cloth, leather care agent, tools (electric drill, screwdriver, etc.), storage box waterproof label, bubble paper mark


Step 1: Create a catalog list for verification purposes, write an inventory list to protect your investment To prevent damage. Your list should include the name of each item (i.e. antique vase) and any other identifiable things. Take a photo of each antique and put it in the mini-storage together with your list to identify it. Antique watches


Step 2: Clean and dispose of each item. Before storage, prevent dust and debris-and protect fragile fabrics such as leather-by cleaning and disposing of each artwork. You should wipe everything, including metal, to prevent dirt and damage, and put it in the mini-storage when you are ready. You also apply a specific leather care agent to treat leather items, and spray wooden items with furniture polishes for long-term protection. Antique Furniture


Step 3: Take apart fragile or heavy furniture. Fragile or heavy furniture is often difficult to move and more easily damaged. Disassemble these types of items before storing to prevent potential breakage, scratches, or other damage. Just make sure to put all the assembly parts (such as screws and bolts) in a plastic bag and stick to the bottom of the item, and prepare to put it in the mini storage after handling. Antique packaging


Step 4: Carefully pack the artwork into a storage box. Be careful and wrap each piece of art with bubble wrap to prevent damage. After packing, put each piece of art in a sturdy storage box-a plastic box is a particularly good choice. Don't overpack each storage box as it may cause cracks and breakage. In addition, it is best to buy some storage boxes specially used to protect artworks. When you have packed everything, before shipping to the mini storage, clearly mark the contents with waterproof labels and markers. Temperature and humidity controlled mini storage


Step 5: Find a safe mini storage brand. The extra space storage utilizes advanced security measures, which are just such storage requirements, so be sure to find a self-storage location that has one or more of the following functions. CCTV camera, electronic door lock, card access, independent alarm system, fire escape (applicable to multi-storey facilities). Building security. Mini warehouse with humidity control


Step 6: Rent a warehouse with temperature and humidity control. Extreme heat and cold can damage interior decoration, paint, wood, metal and other materials. In the additional warehouse space, with a temperature and humidity controlled mini-storage, it is easier to reduce the impact of the destructive temperature of the artwork. This convenient facility keeps your mini-storage between more than 20 degrees, providing peace of mind protection for your beloved items.


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