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Release Date : 02-03-2022


In winter, a warm and thick quilt is of course very important, but when the weather gets warmer, this good partner who used to accompany everyone to sleep every night must be put away. After all, the weather in Hong Kong is generally warm, and the thick quilt may have to be put away for nearly half a year each time. Correct and appropriate storage methods are very important.

But different types of thick quilts have different storage methods, why don't we learn about them together?

If you want to keep the down breathable and airy, it should be stored in a dry place. In order to prevent the down core from becoming moldy after getting wet, try not to use plastic or fiber quilt covers.

Silk quilt:
In order to reduce the deformation of silk, it should not be squeezed by vacuum treatment, and should not be pressed with heavy objects, and should be stored in a dry place.

Wool quilt:
Special attention should be paid to insect erosion when storing wool quilts, and it is recommended to place insect repellent items at the same time.

Cotton has high hygroscopicity, so special attention should be paid to moisture-proof and moisture-proof when storing. Excessive squeezing should also be avoided, so that the cotton is compacted and thus loses its ability to store heat.

However, if the home environment is humid for a long time or the space is insufficient, knowing how to store it is still unable to maintain the thick blanket in the home in a good state. At this time, our One Storage Extreme Mini Storage can help you!

One Storage Extreme Mini Warehouse is equipped with a constant temperature air conditioner to keep the space in the warehouse dry and reduce the risk of moisture exposure to items such as quilts. At the same time, we strictly follow the latest fire protection requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of customer objects. In addition, One Storage has nearly 30 branches in Hong Kong, and there is always one in each area, which is convenient for you to store any household clutter at any time.


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