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There are at least 700 mini-storages in Hong Kong. In the factory area such as Kwun Tong mini-storage, San Po Kong mini-storage, new main residential area such as Chai Wan mini-storage or Wong Chuk Hang mini-storage, although there are many choices, you must find one It is not easy to meet the storage needs completely. What is the secret recipe for choosing a mini-storage? Let the editor make a public announcement today.

Reasons for Mini Storage Lease
To choose a "good" mini-storage, you must first know your requirements. Each mini-storage brand has its advantages and shortages, so the price of the mini-storage is not necessarily the main reason for choosing. Instead, choosing the one that suits you can save you money in the long run.
Renovation and relocation-If you are looking for a relocation or renovation of a mini storage, then the rental period of renting a mini storage, the compartment of the mini storage, and the matching of the mini storage lobby are definitely big factors you have to consider.
The biggest worry about the decoration is that the work may not be completed as scheduled. The master is ill, the supply of decoration materials is insufficient, and the measurement is not accurate during the design. Large and small reasons will cause the decoration delivery time to fall out of schedule. Therefore, when placing furniture in a rented mini warehouse, it is often a key factor whether the warehouse is rented for 2 months or 3 months. You know, if the owner of the mini-storage has only one-storey unit, then the lease of the warehouse will be full in many cases. Before the expiration of your 2-month lease, the owner of the mini-storage has already pre-leased your warehouse. . If you have to extend the lease because the decoration master has not delivered the goods, the warehouse owner may not be able to give you other places. Therefore, if you rent a warehouse for decoration and storage, you must first ask about the postponement arrangements.
In addition, when moving furniture such as sandy, piano, wardrobe and other large furniture, each up and down position between the old house and the mini-storage point to point must be calculated clearly. Many mini-storage sites are selected for buildings that may not have good supporting facilities. The lift is closed, whether the pump can enter the elevator, whether the pump can enter the mini-storage, the size and height of the passage in the mini-storage, All are factors to be calculated. Also, pay attention to the ventilation equipment of the mini-storage. If your furniture is leather, cloth, or wood, if the storage near you is something that emits odor, then your furniture will also be affected. Therefore, you must carefully read the terms of the mini-storage, what can be stored and what cannot be stored, to ensure the safety of your collection.
File storage-File storage is one of the common reasons for accountants, law firms, and some large companies to rent mini-warehouses. Because paper documents are stored, the biggest enemy of paper is the humid environment. Therefore, in addition to sealing the cartons when storing documents, whether the mini-storage is air-conditioned for 24 hours is also one of the important considerations. You know, if the mini-storage you rent does not allow you to come in and out 24 hours a day, then you may not know whether the warehouse owner has turned on the air-conditioning. Furthermore, even if it is air-conditioned, whether sunlight hits the storage files in your warehouse must also be considered. Because when there is the sun, the temperature is of course higher than when there is no sun, so the cold and hot will also affect the paper quality of the document.
Storage and storage-whether it is decoration or relocation, Hong Kong houses are small, and many people also use mini storage to store their favorite hobbies, such as toys, figures, musical instruments, seasonal clothes, old furniture, etc. The total number is endless. It is really not easy to put all the things of different sizes and important things in the least space. Of course, put the heaviest at the bottom and the most frequently used at the nearest door. This is common sense that I don’t need to say. To calculate how to store the most things in the mini-storage, the simpler way is to put these things in the cardboard box first, and then use the space calculator to calculate whether they can be placed and how to place them is the easiest to implement. The mathematics of the editor is really not good. In this era of big data A.I, mathematics calculations should be left to the space calculator to do it!

Mini storage cannot be used as...
Renting a mini storage is so convenient, can you rent it as a private piano room to teach classes? Of course not. In fact, these regulations or guidelines, such as the "Guidelines for the Fire Safety of Mini Storage", all clearly specify the uses that the mini storage cannot be used for. For example, if the warehouse is used for residential or commercial purposes, it will violate the land lease purpose. In addition, the mini-warehouse cannot store food, flammable products, and ashes. So before renting a warehouse, you can check with your mini-warehouse owner to check the rules for renting a mini-warehouse.

Legislation related to mini storage
Since the annual mini-storage fire in the Amoy Industrial Estate in Kowloon Bay a few years ago, of course, about 800 mini-storages in Hong Kong have all been reassessed by the Fire Department. Therefore, most of the mini-storages that can be left now can also meet the requirements set by the fire department. Although this is the case, when choosing to rent a mini-storage, you still have to pay attention to whether the mini-storage you rent is in compliance with the law. In case of an accident, it is also very important for insurance claims.
Let’s talk about the regulatory agencies, the government agencies that supervise the mini-storage, along with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department that everyone must know, there are also the Buildings Department and the Lands Department, some related guidelines or laws such as "Guidelines for the Fire Safety of Mini-storage", "Buildings Ordinance", "Building Fire Safety Code", or whether the land lease allows industrial buildings to be used as mini-storage sites. The editor does not intend to continue to explain the relevant laws, but we can follow the relevant laws and guidelines of these mini-storages, and examples of illegal mini-storage problems are as follows:
Violation of the land use terms of the land lease-the land lease does not specify that it can be used for "industrial and/or warehouse" or "warehouse" purposes
There is no window on the exterior wall, or the size and position of the existing window are not compliant
Insufficient fire resistance of fire doors
Lock the escape door
Insufficient coverage of fire hose reel system
The storage compartment arrangement and channel size of the mini-storage do not match
Insufficient exit escape instructions

In fact, this is only a small part of many mini-storage laws or guidelines. To comply with all laws and regulations, it is conceivable that if a mini-storage operator has insufficient financial resources or insufficient talents, it is easy to violate the laws and regulations. Of course, if you only rent a mini-storage for a short-term period, it is difficult for you to understand all the regulations before choosing a suitable mini-storage. But if it is an accountant, a lawyer's office, or a mini-warehouse as a warehouse, you must pay special attention when choosing a mini-warehouse brand.
Realistically, if a lot of manpower and material resources are to be used to comply with Hong Kong laws and regulations, then choosing a mini-warehouse brand with multiple branches will be one of the important considerations. The reason is very simple, because the cost of complying with laws and regulations is very high, if there are few mini-storage branches, the cost to be shared by each mini-storage branch will be very heavy. So choose a mini-storage in multiple branches (such as One Storage), that is, you will only rent the mini-storage of one of its branches, but multiple branches will be more secure for you.
On the other hand, if you find that a certain mini-storage is using a special price as a solicitation, then you have to use common sense to infer that either this mini-storage is financially rich or has the opportunity to steal power and reduce materials, so everyone should pay special attention.

Mini storage leasing process and matters needing attention
Well, after selecting the mini-warehouse of that brand, you can then enter the actual renting operation process. The editor will use a user's perspective to take everyone through the entire leasing process.

Define the size of objects to be stored in the mini storage
What seems to be an easy job actually stumps many people. The easiest way is to count the "how many" objects to put in the mini-storage. If you have a bunch of seasonal clothes that you want to put in the mini storage, do you want to renew the number? Because when you call to ask your warehouse customer service how much mini storage you should rent, the customer service will ask you "how many pieces" , Or how big the object is. So if it is a lot of very broken objects, we (One Storage) will suggest you to use "how many boxes" as the unit calculation. Of course, there are many sizes of cartons, such as 32X 23 X28 CM, or 31.5 X 31.5 X 32CM. After choosing the size of the cartons, estimate how many cartons will be used. Then when you ask the mini-storage customer service, they will be able to answer your questions quickly.
In addition, if it is some large furniture that cannot be stored in a cardboard box, such as kitchen cabinets, two-door refrigerators, cooking stoves, microwave ovens, ovens, etc., you can directly use the space calculator to calculate how much space you want to rent. Li Cang.

Define the frequency of storage of mini storage
In addition, whether to frequently pick up or purchase goods in the mini-warehouse is also a factor to be considered when renting a warehouse. If you use the Mili warehouse to move the house, there is a good chance that you will not be in and out of the warehouse for two or three months, so the space of the mini warehouse is just enough to put everything in.
As for the location of the mini-storage, if it will not be stored once in two or three months, then finding some mini-storages farther away from the subway station will definitely be less expensive than the mini-storage near the subway station.
On the other hand, if your mini-warehouse lease is used for commercial inventory, it means that you will often enter and exit the mini-warehouse, so the size of the mini-warehouse you rent can’t just be enough to store goods. And to reserve space for cargo deployment. When I was patrolling warehouses, I often saw that someone took out all the goods and put them on the aisle in order to get the most stuff in the warehouse. On the one hand, this will discourage other users of the mini-storage, and also waste your precious time. Besides, it is not easy to move the storage items up and down. Therefore, when renting a warehouse, you must also consider the issue of allocation space.
In addition, whether there is a parking lot in the building in the mini warehouse, what size trucks can be accommodated, and whether it can be filled with cars, etc., will affect the convenience of your goods in and out of the mini warehouse.
I have also encountered some customers looking for mini-warehouses when they were waiting for the new store to open. What he was looking for was a one-month short-term rental mini-warehouse, and in the end he had to rent an extra month due to the delay in the delivery of the store. Although most of the mini-warehouse owners will allow the shortest lease for one month, usually the shorter the rent, the more expensive the price, and the warehouse you rent may already be rented next month, and it will be very difficult to move the warehouse by then. It’s troublesome, so it’s safer to rent an insurance for an extra month.

Define the value of the item to be stored
Of course, there can be many kinds of value, commercial value and commemorative value. If there is a commercial price, then the security of the mini-storage is a condition you have to consider.
Of course, whether there is CCTV in the mini-storage, 24-hour monitoring, smart card access, smart pin, these are things that must be considered. If you want to buy insurance for your storage items, the insurance company will also measure your insurance premiums based on the mini storage you rent.
One thing that many people will ignore is the safety of the people who use the mini-storage. After all, after you transport the goods out of the mini-storage, the security of the building will also affect your own safety. Of course, anyone can enter and exit the industrial building. It depends on the supporting facilities of the industrial building. You can consider the CCTV of the building, the CCTV of the elevator, and the number of guard patrols.
In addition, you must also pay attention to the amount of insurance purchased by the mini-storage owner for the mini-storage and the scope of coverage, which are actually included in the insurance fee you paid for the mini-storage rental. So, if you find that the price of your mini-storage is unbelievable, then you have to be careful, because the devil is often in the details.

Area for renting mini storage
There are more than 700 large and small mini storages in Chai Wan, Tuen Mun, and Tsuen Wan. Mini storages in factories and residential areas are also popular because there are as many people moving as business people. For example, if you live in Siu Sai Wan, there are many options for mini storage in Siu Sai Wan. For example, there are many industrial buildings near the Prince Industrial Building near the Siu Sai Wan Stadium that have mini storage for lease.
If you live in Tuen Mun, there are also many mini-storage options near Tong Ming Industrial Building near Tuen Mun West Rail Station.
If you live in Tsuen Wan or your office is in Tsuen Wan, there are many options for mini-storage in Tsuen Wan. Part of the factory area is concentrated on Texaco Road. There are many mini-storages near the Jinghua Industrial Warehouse Building.
There is also the Fotan mini-storage. If you are near the Fotan Railway Station, there is a good choice in the area near the Warwick Industrial Building on Hexiang Street. Of course, the closer the train station is, the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a cheaper mini-storage, then there are also many options in the Fuchang Center, Huangzhuyang Street, Fotan.

Procedures for renting a mini-storage
One to two months deposit, ID card, business registration certificate, and address proof within three months are the basic standard procedures for renting a mini-storage.
Well, everyone is ready to rent a mini storage. If you have any questions, please leave a contact method at the bottom of the website and find out about our professional rental consultants.

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