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I believe that everyone who owns a lot of precious models would like to have their own collection. However, the space at home is limited, and it is not generally easy to throw tens of millions of dollars to buy more than 10,000 square feet of storage, so the general public can only sigh at the door. Every man has a small corner in his heart, that is the childhood treasured memories, in the process of collecting, can make up for the regrets missed in childhood. Toys record the best time of life the most memorable days, while retaining their own love of toys that knot.

Super model fans home because of a large number of toys, dolls and card books, it can be said everywhere, sometimes inevitably occupy the walkway and living space at home. But for the inch of land in Hong Kong more and more clutter in the house, more and more chaotic, less and less location is the biggest problem. To find a storage space for your toys and consider the preservation conditions of toys, renting mini storage can solve the problem of toy fans collecting their favorite toys.

In addition to its region of origin, rarity and popularity will affect the value of the toy collection, I believe the preservation environment is a direct impact on the quality of your favorite collectibles. Most toys are made of plastic, metal, and textiles, and some are even painted with bright colors. Therefore, "dust-proof, heat-proof, and moisture-proof" are the three most important tips for maintaining toys. Renting mini storage can reduce damage, so that the collection can maintain its original appearance.

Dust can erode different model toy materials, and prolonged accumulation of dust will discolor and rust the surface of the toy, and will destroy the original shape of the toy. You can find different styles of small and medium sized glass cabinets and acrylics that can effectively prevent dust while displaying your toy collection, killing two birds with one stone. If you rent a mini-warehouse, you can also take the glass cabinet with you to achieve double protection.

Plastic products will rapidly age, fade, melt and even crack when exposed to excessive heat and UV rays for long periods of time. The paint on toys will also blister and peel off due to heat. For this reason, we must isolate toys from the sun and avoid direct sunlight on them. In addition, collectors should also try to keep their collections in a constant temperature environment.
If the toy itself has many delicate designs, it is not easy to clean it carefully. In addition, the weather in Hong Kong is very humid, it is difficult to detect the mold and mildew will gradually erode the details of the toy, and by the time it is discovered, it is believed to be too late. Therefore, a dry environment helps to prevent mold and bacteria, just mini storage environment is cool and dry, for the constant temperature design, regularly open the dehumidification system to control the temperature and humidity.

By using professional mini storage services, you can rent mini storage with 24-hour constant temperature and dehumidification system and security system for a small fee to ensure the safety of your collection. Mini Storage has 24-hour room temperature monitoring mini storage service, plus one-stop transportation service.

The mini-warehouse is equipped with 24-hour room temperature monitoring mini-warehouse service and one-stop transportation service, so that collecting toys is not difficult at all. You can choose from nearly 30 mini storage units in Hong Kong, with high quality and cost effective, constant temperature mini storage units of different sizes (small to large). Building your own "toy showroom" is not a dream.

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