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The Chinese engagement process (commonly known as the grand gift) is definitely one of the most important parts of the Chinese wedding tradition. In this exchange, the groom’s family presented an engagement gift to the bride’s family to symbolize prosperity and good luck. The following introduces the 8 steps in the engagement process and the 23 items you need to prepare for the engagement ceremony, as a Chinese wedding tradition to give gifts to the bride and her family.


1. The engagement should be done 14 to 60 days before the wedding. The bridegroom’s side should choose auspicious days. (Traditionally, the wedding invitation letter should be sent after the engagement. This is because the bride’s family must receive the engagement gift before they can accept the marriage proposal.)


2. As a kind of Chinese wedding superstition, the amount of gift money and gifts must be in pairs or even numbers, in the meaning of pairs and pairs.


3. When the bridegroom gives a gift, the old lady will be responsible for opening the gift and presenting the gift to the bride’s family. When she gave the gift to the bride, the elder sister brought all the blessings and blessings of the engagement to the bride. The bride’s family will receive a cash gift. Then send a set of gifts back to the bridegroom.


4. During the engagement process, the bride and groom are not allowed to participate. The bride, groom and parents-in-law of both parties should not see each other during this process. Therefore, even if the groom is responsible for bringing gifts, he should wait outside the bride’s home and let the engagement team complete the work.


5. The person responsible for bringing the bridegroom's gift to the bride's house should preferably be the bridegroom's female relatives.


6. Only the female relatives of the groom, elder sister, groom, best man and relatives of the driver can participate in the engagement team. The age of the engagement team must be the same as or older than the groom. Don't forget that the number of people in the team should preferably be an even number.


7. Only after the engagement ceremony, the bride and groom can see and meet each other.


8. After the engagement ceremony, the bride’s family must return a set of gifts to the groom’s house. There is also a set of gifts for the groom, I wish him good luck.


Here are some engagement gift options for reference:


• Dragon and Phoenix Candle
• Dragon and Phoenix Cake
• Seafood Gold
• Three sacrifices
• Four gold ornaments


Many newcomers will choose to put wine to celebrate with relatives and friends. A wedding banquet is a luxurious wedding that lasts two hours or more. Invited guests will sign the wedding book or large scroll, and present a red envelope to the waiter at the entrance of the wedding hall. Guests are sometimes assigned seats, but sometimes they are welcome to sit where they choose.


After all guests arrive, the wedding begins. Almost all Chinese banquets have a host or host who announces the arrival of the bride and groom. The couple's entrance marks the beginning of the wedding celebration. Throughout the meal, the bride and groom enter the banquet hall, wearing different costumes each time. When guests eat, the bride and groom are usually busy changing clothes and satisfying the guests’ needs.


After the third and sixth dishes, the couple usually re-enter the restaurant. At the end of the meal, but before serving dessert, the bride and groom toast the guests. The groom’s best friend can also raise a toast. The bride and groom walked to each table where the guests were standing, while raising a toast to the happy couple.


Once the bride and groom have visited each table, they will leave the hall when the dessert is served. Once the dessert is served, the wedding celebration is about to end. Before leaving, guests lined up to greet the bride and groom and their families. Every guest takes a photo with the couple, and the bride may give away sweets.


The above summarizes the supplies and steps needed in so many engagements and wedding banquets. Although the process is complicated, and there are as many items as the sands of the Ganges, it is easy for newcomers to miss items if they are not careful.


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