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There are many wine lovers in Hong Kong, so the collection of red wine at home is not as rare as before. But after buying so many fine wines, whether it's collecting, sharing free drinks with friends, or investing in value preservation, the most feared is the deterioration of the wine.


But as the so-called aged wines, red wine should not easily deteriorate over time. In fact, red wine often deteriorates because of improper storage methods. Our One Storage is ready to give you four tips to make you better. Store red wine locally.


Can not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time

The temperature of a normal refrigerator is usually between 1.5°C and 3°C, but in fact, red wine cannot be kept at a low temperature for a long time. About 12°C is the appropriate storage temperature.


Not exposed to direct sunlight

Regardless of the high-quality storage environment, sunlight will accelerate the oxidation of red wine and deteriorate its quality.


Cannot be placed on the display rack

Hong Kong is a sub-heated region, and the general room temperature is definitely far higher than 12°C. Display racks placed at room temperature will also accelerate the deterioration of red wine.


Cork-packed wine cannot be stored vertically

If stored vertically, the cork of the wine will easily become dry and allow air to enter the bottle, oxidizing the wine. Lie the bottle flat so that the liquor can touch the cork and keep it moist.


In fact, looking at the above points, you can understand that to store red wine at home, buying a professional wine cabinet is always indispensable. But many people do not have space to put wine cabinets because there are too many clutter in their homes. It is absolutely not worth it to make your beloved wine go bad or deteriorate for a pile of sundries. Come to our One Storage helper to store household sundries!


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