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As more and more people like to collect high-quality red wine at home for tasting, and share it during investment or gatherings, many people in Hong Kong also have higher awareness and requirements for red wine. Last time we shared the precautions for storing red wine, this time our One Storage Supreme Mini Storage intends to share the tips for storing red wine after opening:

Divide into several vials:

The biggest reason for the deterioration of red wine is the oxidation caused by exposure to air. Therefore, dividing the red wine into several small bottles and filling them as much as possible can effectively reduce the air in the bottle, thereby slowing down oxidation.


The refrigerator with stable temperature can store the red wine after opening the bottle for a short time, but the long-term low temperature will also cause the red wine to deteriorate, so it is only a short-term method. At the same time, remember not to put it in the freezer compartment, as the glass bottle may break.

Avoid exposure to air:

If you want to store the red wine for a longer time after opening the bottle, you must screw the bottle cap tightly or plug it back into the cork. If red wine is exposed to the air for nearly one night, most of the wine will deteriorate and lose its flavor.

Use red wine preservation aids:

There are also professional tools on the market, such as vacuum stoppers and wine needles, which can cope with the problem of difficult preservation of red wine after opening a bottle, but it requires certain skills to use it.

Of course, in fact, red wine should be consumed as soon as possible within one or two days after the bottle is opened. Only by using different professional tools can the storage time be reluctantly extended. However, Hong Kong lacks storage space, and it has to store wine cabinets and wine-related tools. It is possible to empty some sundries. That being the case, One Storage Supreme Mini Storage is your best choice!

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