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Today's me to yesterday's me? The master of the breakaway, Mari Kondo, was so happy to help people break away from the breakaway for a good reason, but today the master has given up his previous belief in the breakaway after having a child and has switched to the acceptance school! The editor has always support of the organization, not impulsively lightly discarded.


The famous Japanese master of disconnection Kondo Marihui published the [Thumping Heart Organizing Technique] and filmed Netflix reality show to help many families disconnection and become popular around the world, is the inspiration of many disconnection master teacher.


The "Thumping Heart Organizer" is different from the "Thumping Heart Organizer" in that it leaves behind the items that move you and drops the items that do not. Marie Kondo, the master of decluttering, recently said during the promotion of her new book that her home was in disarray, but that she was right for her current stage of life because she realized that the most important thing now is to spend time with her children.


After the interview, many mothers resonated with him, saying that it is difficult to clean up after having children at home. I would rather spend more time with my children. In Hong Kong, many families do not have much space to move around, and after the birth of a child, more clutter will be generated. How to organize has become the number one problem for many Hong Kong mothers.


Letting go and storing well


If you don't want to get rid of it, you should throw it away. But in life, there are many items that don't move at the moment, but they are not worthless.


On the contrary, the frontal type of clutter, should be to retain the most valuable, or potential use of items, the focus on selected storage, rather than focus on discard, and should not rely solely on a few seconds of feeling.


What you can no longer put in your home can be packed up and put into mini storage, which not only makes it easier to solve storage problems, but also adds a sentimental characteristic to mini storage, just like a treasure trove of memories.


Mini storage is most useful


Many mothers are customers of our mini storage, for example, Mrs. Ou once told me that she was addicted to Mari Kondo's TV program and lost a lot of her children's old things just like she did, and now she regrets it. The branch where I work also has a collection of out-of-print models for Mr. Wong from Tai Po, but he only collects them, and has saved many of them over the years. These personal belongings may be quite expensive to put in your home, but when you put them in mini storage, the rent is much cheaper than your home, so you don't feel the guilt of wasting space.


Many of our customers ask our customer service staff what size mini-warehouse they should rent. In fact, mini storage is not as expensive and inconvenient as you might think, and you can rent mini storage for as little as a cup of milk tea a day. You can keep your home neat and tidy by putting your beloved memories and your children's supplies, toys and other miscellaneous items in the mini storage.


If you have trouble with storage, you may want to try our One Storage service, because One Storage has 24-hour password access and branches all over Hong Kong. There's always a mini-warehouse for you, so even if you need something at home, you can take it out easily at any time.


Mari Kondo: Learn to stop and remind yourself not to pursue perfection.

Don't spend too much time on storage, it's quick and easy to put it in the mini storage, so you will have more time to spend with your children.



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