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Vinyl records may be older products, but they are still sought after, perhaps because of their special historical significance, or perhaps because, as some collectors have said, vinyl records really do leave a mark on the sound and have a special warmth. Whatever the reason, there are indeed many friends who are collecting vinyl records, so let's learn more about them!


Vinyl records are generally available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes (diameter), but with the advances in production technology, there are also records of different sizes and speeds, and more and more songs can be recorded on one record!


There are many points to note when storing vinyl records, so don't be careless and damage your collection!


Don't put them horizontally

Vinyl records do not take up a lot of space, but they should not be placed randomly because if they are stacked horizontally for a long period of time, the vinyl records will become deformed and the engraving on them will be out of shape. It is better to place the record vertically, as you would a book or document. 


Ideal Temperature


Vinyl records are usually stored at normal room temperature (about 18-21 degrees) with little problem. However, if you are looking for better record preservation, you can store your vinyl records in a cooler environment. For example, an environment of 8 to 12 degrees Celsius would be more suitable for long-term vinyl record storage.



Ideal Humidity


The environment for storing vinyl records should not be chosen arbitrarily, as humidity can cause serious damage to vinyl records. To store vinyl records for a long time, it is important to keep them in a dry and stable environment without moisture. Generally speaking, an environment where the humidity is between 30% and 40% and the temperature is stable would be a good choice.


Everyone has something they love and deserve to collect, and it's understandable why vinyl records have such a large following in the music world. However, although vinyl records do not take up much space, they still need a stable and safe environment to be properly stored. You may not be able to create such an ideal environment at home for a long time, but mini storage is a good choice!


One Storage has a total of 40 stores for the convenience of friends in every district. Storage of vinyl records and other favorite many times need a temperature and humidity are average and stable environment, but at home is not easy to do. The One Storage has an internal air-conditioning system that allows you to store all kinds of collections without worrying about the effects of humid weather!



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