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Do you need to consider the safe storage of toys and models? Yes, for one thing, many toys and models have very delicate structures, such as Gundam models, Lego buildings and some hand-made models, etc. For another, toys and model collections are very valuable nowadays and must be kept well.


In terms of placement, it is divided into two aspects of display and storage considerations.


Display aspects.

-Complicated toys and models are not suitable for cleaning too often, it is recommended that they can be placed in sealed glass cabinets or boxes for display to reduce dust and the influence of the outside world.

-It is best to provide additional reinforcement for toys and models, and to ensure the stability and safety of the display position.



Best to newspaper, bubble paper and sponges and other shock-absorbing items with separate toys and models into the carton, the box should be filled with an appropriate amount of padding (newspaper, bubble paper and sponges) to fill in the gaps and can be fixed items.

-The best way to store toys and models intact in the carton, do not be too high than the height of the carton or directly connected to the carton, and then use sealing tape to wrap the carton for good measure.


Hong Kong people's home space is not too spacious, so they may not display all their beloved toys and models, so it is necessary to pay more attention to how to store them properly. But different toys and models are coming out, and you don't want to miss the latest styles, but you don't dare to put them all at home for fear of affecting your living space or even causing dissatisfaction to your other half or family members?


Is it true that there is no way to balance life and hobby all the time? In fact, if you think more broadly, toy and model collections do not necessarily have to be kept at home! Nowadays, it is very popular to rent mini storage service, so that everyone in the city can enjoy their own living space more and don't have to suffer from space problems gradually eroding their lives.


If you are also looking for mini storage, why don't you come and try One Storage's intimate storage experience? 


Afraid of putting your treasures in mini storage and having to pick them up or take a good look at them? Don't worry, there are 40 One Storage Mini Storage locations throughout Hong Kong for you to choose from, so just choose your nearest one and you can rent it easily! In addition, when it comes to storing toys and models, a safe and stable temperature and humidity environment is also very important, and the long-term air-conditioning system of One Storage Mini Storage is very reassuring. With 24-hour pick-up and drop-off support, you can store your treasures with peace of mind! 





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