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Earth Day on April 22 is approaching. The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Investing in Our Planet", calling on everyone to start caring about the earth in their daily lives and take environmental protection actions. The earth is facing many environmental problems, such as forest loss, plastic pollution and ocean pollution, etc. Therefore, we need to reduce waste, protect the environment and make the planet a better place.

In our daily life, we can start by reducing waste. Don't just throw things away, reusing them helps a lot. But sometimes items are not commonly used, afraid that there is no place to store them at home? At this time, you can consider using the One Storage service to store infrequently used items in the mini-storage, so that they can be reused frequently and reduce waste.






Three small environmental protection things you can do every day:

Number one: reduce the use of plastic
In our daily life, we should reduce the use of disposable plastic products as much as possible, such as plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and so on. Reusable items can be used, such as cloth bags, stainless steel straws, glass bottles, etc., which can reduce the amount of plastic used and reduce environmental pollution.
Second: save energy
In normal times, we can reduce our impact on the environment by saving energy. We can turn off electrical appliances that are not in use, such as TVs, lights, etc.; use energy-saving light bulbs; reduce the use of air conditioning and heating, etc. These measures can not only reduce energy waste, but also reduce carbon emissions to the environment.

Third: Promote a green lifestyle
Environmental protection can be promoted by promoting a green lifestyle. We can encourage those around us to use environmentally friendly products, save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and more. In addition, we can also participate in environmental protection activities, such as tree planting, cleaning up garbage and other activities to promote environmental protection. Participating in these activities can increase people's awareness of environmental protection and promote the popularization and promotion of green lifestyles.





One Storage has 40 branches in Hong Kong, which are convenient for renting. Infrequently used items such as bicycles and outdoor supplies are suitable for storage in the mini storage. The One Storage supports customers to store and withdraw items 24 hours a day, ensuring that customers can easily control the time, and they are not afraid that things will not be taken out when they need to be used! In addition, the space calculator on the official website helps you easily calculate the required space, even for larger items such as furniture and camping supplies, you can easily make a budget! You don't have to buy new ones every time, store them well and recycle them!

Let's act together, do our part for the earth, and make the earth we live in a better place!


Available activities include:
Earth Hour 2023 - Protect the Ecology with a Lifestyle (WWF-Hong Kong)





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