Collection support|Chasing stars easily with One storage to accompany you! |One Storage

Collection support|Chasing stars easily with One storage to accompany you! |One Storage

Chase stars easily with One storage helps!


Chasing stars is a way for fans to express their love for their idols! Need to find a place to store different materials and equipment? One storage will help you to easily chase stars without any difficulty!






"Mini storage | It is a must-have for making Mirror (mirror powder)! Date published: 13-05-2021"


As a super fanatic "Mirror fan", Yanyan watched the #MirrorONEANDALL concert, was happy to buy souvenirs, and even more happy to carry aids. First, I found that the house does not have enough space for my "treasures" to count?

Isn’t the hand wrinkled? The support light sign is big 😭😭😭

The editor believes that "rent a warehouse, and arrange your "baby" first!

Fans, I don’t want to teach you well, wait for me to share some tips on renting warehouses for you


""Uncle's Love" and "Nano Open Flame"|One Storage|Mini Storage | Self Storage Storage Date: 19-07-2021"


The "Uncle's Love" that the whole city was looking forward to last week has finally come to an end... But in fact, have you ever thought about renting a mini storage?


"Chasing the leader? Mini storage can help you! | One Storage | Mini Storage | Self Storage Post Date: 04-08-2021"


Just like the Tuen Mun Town Plaza kills two birds with one stone.


""Leader" and "Boss" give out big benefits! |Mirror endorsement, idol peripheral storage"


As a "mirror fan", seeing the "leader" and "boss" giving benefits, in addition to excitement and heartbeat, the more important thing is to provide substantial support. As long as it is a product that Mirror participates in endorsement and advertising, of course, you must buy it home and collect it La!


However, although "mirror fans" have unlimited love and support for idols, the living space in Hong Kong is indeed limited. How can we balance living space and support idols?


"The final of "All People Make Stars IV" is scheduled for Christmas Day! How about keeping the supporting items aside?|Idol Peripheral Storage"


After many rounds of fierce competition and continuous improvement of all contestants, the final 20 finalists of the 34-episode "All People Make a Star IV" have been decided after multiple rounds of elimination! I don't know what's on your mind?


No matter what the result is, they will soon face the final battle. The final of "All People Making Stars IV" is scheduled for December 25, 2021, which is Christmas Day! I believe that many friends will hold a Christmas party on that day and watch the finals at the same time!


More To Read: How about "Mirror collections?"


Of course, some friends may even make their own or prepare some peripherals or support items, and go to the scene to watch the finals and cheer! Your mind may be unlimited, but is the home space enough for you to store the above items?


Take Mirror as an example, support Mirror!







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