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The 2023 Hong Kong Fashion Show Fashion InStyle is about to open. Fashion InStyle is a comprehensive clothing exhibition event integrating fashion design, ready-to-wear, accessories, fabrics and ready-to-wear accessories, attracting the participation of many international brands and designers.


However, when you are looking for your favorite fashion items among many fashion items, you may face the problem of limited space in your home, and you cannot buy new clothes. But in order to solve this problem,  One Storage provides you with 3 practical clothing storage skills, so that you can taste fashion while effectively organizing your closet to make room for new clothes.

1. Sorting and sorting, similar storage
First of all, before organizing your wardrobe, it is recommended that you sort your clothes by type. For example, separate long sleeves, short sleeves, shirts, skirts, etc., so that it is easier to find what you need. At the same time, similar storage also helps to save space, such as hanging trousers and shorts together, or putting sweaters and T-shirts in the same drawer.


2. Creative storage, space utilization
In addition to sorting your clothes, you can also save space in your closet with creative storage. For example, use laundry organizers or vacuum compression bags to organize seasonal clothing and store it in a space such as under the bed or on top of a wardrobe for easy access when needed. In addition, the use of multi-layer storage racks or hooks can also effectively use the three-dimensional space of the wardrobe, so that the clothes can be stacked more organized.

3. Use labels
Mark the type, color, size and other information of the clothes on the storage box to make it easier to find clothes later. Labels can use tools such as stickers or big-tip pens.


To sum up, through the above 4 storage skills, I believe that after participating in the 2023 Hong Kong Fashion Show Fashion InStyle, you can easily find suitable storage space for the newly purchased fashionable clothes. At the same time, good storage habits can also help improve your quality of life, making you more enjoyable and comfortable in the process of enjoying fashion. If you really don’t have space to store newly purchased clothes, you can also consider renting a  One Storage to store seasonal clothes and shoes.


One Storage provides a clean, safe and 24-hour monitored storage space, so that your items can be properly kept. Whether it's furniture, clothes or other daily necessities, they can be safely stored in the mini storage. Moreover, the One Storage is distributed in places with convenient transportation in various districts, which is convenient for you to pick up or store at any time.


Basic information on fashion instyle:

Date: April 19-22

Opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center




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