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Hong Kong people love to shop, whether it's happy or sad, or even on festive occasions, they will always buy! Especially during the festive season, shopping malls around Hong Kong will set up and hold promotional activities to attract consumers. The Christmas just passed, the coming New Year or the Valentine's Day, will be exchanged for gifts or additional supplies and accessories, buying more and receiving more will make the home very messy, but before you know it, it's almost the Chinese New Year! Do not just pay attention to the year of the rabbit luck to how to open luck, the year 28, wash the sloppy, to do always do it, home messy, there is luck also stay soon it.


Of course, you need to clean your home before the "New Year's Eve" to welcome the Year of the Rabbit, but is it annoying to clean your home? Why don't we take a look at the tips we share at One Storage?


至尊迷你倉新年優惠 | 空間即時變大

First, the preparation work.

Preparation 1: Give away the old and clear the new trash
Start with the most important things to get rid of, such as tattered shirts or items. But you don't need to throw away a lot of things at the beginning, just throw away the things that can't be used anymore.


Preparation 2: Planning time
It takes a lot of time to clean up your house, so it is recommended to set aside enough time for your house and yourself to clean up the mess, and it takes a lot of physical effort to clean up, so you need time for your body to rest.


Preparation 3: Prepare containers
Before packing, you should prepare space and cardboard boxes / plastic boxes and other storage items for easy use when packing.


Preparation 4: Define the area of responsibility
If you live with your family, you should establish a systematic storage method for the space you share and maintain a storage habit.

It is recommended to deal with the stubborn dirt first, and it takes time to deal with it in advance.

至尊迷你倉新年優惠 | 家居、公司好拍檔

Cleaning Tip 1 - Cleaning Tile Stains

Tile stains are hard to deal with? In fact, you don't need any special cleaning tools, you can try using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Dab toothpaste on the tiles first, then scrub with a toothbrush to get rid of the mold, easy and convenient!


Cleaning Tip 2 - Remove odors 

Do rooms and refrigerators sometimes have bad odors? In fact, lemon is a good helper to remove the odor! Use lemon juice and clean the room or refrigerator to remove the odor. Or cut the lemon in half and put it in the room or refrigerator can also absorb the smell.


But if the house is full of clutter, how to clean it is difficult to restore the original space of the home. We still need to deal with the trouble of clutter! Be especially prepared for friends and relatives to come to your home to celebrate New Year's Eve, so that we can gather together, of course, not full of clutter to show people. Because New Year's Eve is the most important day for the family to get together, we will eat New Year's food together, adults will communicate with each other about what's going on, and children may gather around to play games, toys, etc. With so many relatives coming to the house, how can we be rude to others in the New Year? Of course, we should have a big house cleaning, clean things up, so that the home space becomes larger and more comfortable, everyone sitting more comfortable.z

迷你倉新年優惠 | 空間即時變大

Storage Tip #1 - Keep items in a fixed place
If you are used to putting things in different places every time, your home will be easily disorganized. To make your home neat and clean, you should set a fixed position for each item so that it is in the same place every time.

Storage Tip 2 - Use wall hooks
Some seemingly useless corners and walls can be hung with hooks to save space by hanging items on them. But also consider whether the location of the wall hooks will cause you to collide, reducing the risk of accidents, but why can't you finish it all? It turns out that the clutter at home has long been piled up! Don't panic, there are luck books to guide you in the New Year, and there are cleaning lists to help you with your cleaning.

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至尊迷你倉新年優惠 | 家居、公司好拍檔 

After cleaning, miscellaneous items are put away, and then is the habit of organizing, traditionally the New Year is very important to send the old to welcome the new, but most people in Hong Kong are busy, usually have no time to organize, but also always "New Year's Eve, wash the sloppy", see what organizing skills can pay attention to.


Organizing tips 1 - clothing organization
Sort your clothes by type and color, then send the clothes you won't wear again to the recycling bin, send them out or resell them second-hand, etc. Finally, you can fold and roll the sorted clothes and put them in a box or drawer.


Organizing Technique 2 - Sorting Principle
In fact, the principle of sorting and storing items that are used more often is also a very important one, so it is better to put frequently used items in a conspicuous place and less used items in the bottom of the cabinet or under the bed than to simply sort them by size and type. 


Organizing technique 3 - Separate storage space for family members
If you are living with family members, do not just put family members' things together when packing, it is better to have a layer or a complete storage space for each person, so that you can clearly separate items and reduce confusion! 

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至尊迷你倉新年優惠 | One Storage

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