No parking space for bicycles? There is a way to store bicycles in the One Storage|One Storage

No parking space for bicycles? There is a way to store bicycles in the One Storage|One Storage

Cycling popularity and storage bike problem

Recent years , cycling is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people like to enjoy the outdoors by cyclingSunshine, Especially when you go to the cycle paths in Tuen Mun, Tai Po, and Sha Tin. However, for those with limited space in their home, storing a bike can be a problem. The editor recently discovered that Mini Storage provides bicycle storage services, providing bicycle enthusiasts with a safe, convenient and flexible solution for parking bicycles.


Cycling popularity and storage bike problem

The problem of serious bicycle theft is serious and there are consequences for bicycle parking on the street

The bicycle storage service provided by One Storage 

4 Suggestions for Bicycle Maintenance

Introduction to Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Sha Tin Cycling Track

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The problem of bicycle theft is serious and there are consequences for bicycle parking on the street There are consequences


element Lang, Sha Tin and Tai Po districts have become the hardest-hit areas for bicycle theft. Figures released by the government show that these places have the highest number of bicycle theft cases. From 2018 to 2022, 640 bicycle theft cases were recorded in Yuen Long District; the number of theft cases in Tai Po and Sha Tin District was also quite alarming, with 624 and 635 cases respectively. There were more than 300 bicycle theft cases in Tuen Mun and Tseung Kwan O. In addition, the government also stated that it will pay attention to the situation in various districts and clear up illegally parked or abandoned bicycles. Therefore, parking in disorder on the street has consequences. It is either easy to be stolen or has a chance to be cleared in violation of regulations.


One Storage provides bicycle storage service 

The mini storage provides various sizes of bicycle storage, which can meet the needs of bicycle enthusiasts to store bicycles of different sizes and types. The mini compartment has plenty of space for other bike-related items such as tires, toolbox and parts.


Select It is very difficult to store a bicycle in a dry, cool place, where the wind and rain are not easy to intrude, but the mini storage provides good conditions for you to take good care of the bicycle. The One Storage branch is equipped with a constant temperature air-conditioning system that operates around the clock to ensure that bicycles are kept dry during storage and prevent bicycles from being damaged due to humidity, wind and rain.


The mini-storage provides 24-hour self-service storage and withdrawal service. Customers can use the security smart card to enter and exit at any time. Those who like to go out by bicycle in the middle of the night will not have any problems with storage. In addition, the One Storage is equipped with a 7 x 24-hour intelligent alarm system and fully complies with the fire protection guidelines of the Fire Services Department to ensure the safety of customers' belongings.


4 Suggestions for Bicycle Maintenance

OK Maintaining your bike is the key to long-term use. Here are some tips to keep your bike running smoothly:


1. Check your bike's tire pressure and wear regularly to make sure they are in top condition. When the tire pressure is too low, the efficiency of the bicycle will be reduced, and at the same time, excessively worn tires will also increase the risk of flat tires.


2. Cleans your bike's chain and gears, which prevents them from accumulating dust and grime and reduces the risk of wear and failure. At the same time, regularly lubricating the chain of the bicycle can maintain the operation efficiency of the bicycle.


3. Check the frame and other parts of the bicycle for damage or cracks, and repair or replace them promptly. Damage to the frame or other parts of your bicycle could result in safety concerns and more serious damage.


4. Regular bicycle adjustment and maintenance, including confirming whether the wheels are installed correctly, ensuring the balance of the frame and adjusting the brakes, to ensure that the bicycle is used in a safe state.


Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Sha Tin Cycle Track Path Introduction


Bcycle Enthusiasts, in addition to storing and maintaining bicycles, you also need to choose a suitable place for cycling. There are many cycle tracks in Hong Kong, including those in Tuen Mun, Tai Po and Sha Tin. The following are the introductions of these cycle tracks:


Tun Mun Cycle Track - is one of the longest cycle tracks in Hong Kong, with a total length of more than 20 kilometers, extending from Tuen Mun Ferry Pier to Tai Lam Chung. This cycling track has a beautiful environment, with many trees and flowers on both sides, especially suitable for people who love nature. On this cycling track, you can enjoy different scenery, including the bay, mountains and farmland. In addition, the Tuen Mun Cycling Track is also connected to the cycling tracks in Lam Cheng Bay, Discovery Bay and other places, allowing you to cycle more different distances.


large Po Cycling Track - is another popular cycling track with a total length of about 8 kilometers, from Tai Po Park to Tai Tong Lau Park. The environment of this cycling track is quiet, with many green trees and flowers on both sides, it is a good place to escape from the summer heat. On this cycling track, you can enjoy different scenery, including Tai Po Market, rural scenery and rivers.


Sha Tin Cycling Track - About 7 kilometers in length, it connects from Silverstrand Park in Ma On Shan to Green Ridge Park. It is one of the most popular cycling tracks in Sha Tin area. This cycle path has a beautiful environment, with many green trees and flowers on both sides, it is a good place for cycling. On this cycling track, you can enjoy different scenery, including bays, mountains and parks. In addition, the Sha Tin Cycle Track is also connected to a number of parks and playgrounds, allowing you to enjoy more recreational activities while cycling. Cycling to the Shatian Track is also a good place for parents and children to recommend.


if If you are interested, you may wish to explore these cycling tracks and experience the fun of cycling brought by different routes!



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Provide a variety of size mini storage options , there is always the most suitable space for you! There are also 24-hour self-service deposit and withdrawal, equipped with constant temperature system and other equipment, waiting for you to rest assured!


Branch of One Storage

Tuen Mun Mini Storage-Kai Cheong Industrial Building

address : Room A, 10/F, Kai Cheong Industrial Building, 4 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun


Tai Po Mini Storage - Tai Ping Industrial Building

address : Room A&B, 4F, Block 2, Taiping Industrial Center, No. 55, Ting Kok Road, Tai Po


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