The Dragon Boat Festival is a good time to tidy up? | 7 tips for storing winter clothes|One Storage

The Dragon Boat Festival is a good time to clean the house? | 7 tips for storing winter clothes|One Storage

Why hold the house during the Dragon Boat Festival?


Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. There are many customs and proverbs, one of which is "If you don't eat May bamboo shoots, you can't wear cold clothes." This sentence contains profound wisdom, which means that before the Dragon Boat Festival, if you haven’t tasted the rice dumplings of the Dragon Boat Festival, don’t rush to put away your winter clothes and continue to use cold winter clothes.


The weather before the Dragon Boat Festival is usually not yet fully summer, and the temperature is sometimes warm and sometimes cold. Therefore, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, you might as well take the time to store winter clothes at home and organize more space to welcome summer.



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Why should the house be held during the Dragon Boat Festival?
7 tips for storing winter clothes
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7 Tips for Packing Winter Clothes< /h2>

Winter laundry

Before putting away your winter clothes, make sure everything has been laundered. This removes stains and odors, preventing them from harboring bacteria that can damage your clothes during storage.


Sorting Clothes

Sort laundry by type and material. Separate heavy sweaters, coats and down jackets so you can organize different types of clothing differently.


Use a vacuum bag

Vacuum storage bags can greatly save storage space, and can also protect clothes from moisture, dust, and odors. Put heavy down jackets, sweaters and coats into a vacuum storage bag, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air to greatly compress its volume. If the home is not big enough, you can consider storing it in a labyrinth. Half-length cabinets up to 40 square feet, there are many styles of warehouses, and you can choose from them.


Use clothing insect repellant

When storing laundry, using insect repellent can be an effective way to prevent moths and moths. Keep insect repellent in a storage box or closet to protect your clothing from pests. One Storage pays attention to environmental quality, so you will find that the air is fresh and free from peculiar smell, which is an important condition for storing clothes.


Choose the appropriate storage method

Choose the appropriate storage method according to the type and material of the clothes. For example, heavy coats and down jackets can be hung on hangers to keep their shape, while thinner sweaters are suitable for folding and storage.


Store in place

Store the packed winter clothes in a ventilated, dry and cool place. Avoid exposing clothing to sunlight to avoid color fading. At the same time, ensure that the storage place is away from humidity and high temperature to maintain the good condition of the clothes, and the all-weather temperature and humidity management of the One Storage, as the storage of clothes, can protect them in good condition.


Make sure clothes are easily accessible

When organizing your closet, put the spring and summer clothes you will be using in an easily accessible place, and store your winter clothes in a relatively hidden place. This ensures that you can easily find the clothes you need when you need them. The One Storage is located in various districts and is open 24 hours, so it is very convenient to enter and exit the whole shift at any time.


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