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What "3+4" "0+3" "0+0" is not to hear good confusion? I know that Japan has announced the opening of entry restrictions, I know that I want to travel, I want to travel, and I want to travel, do you? Because the important thing has to be said three times. I want to clarify what "3+4", "0+3" and "0+0" are. I'm going to clear it up with you right now.


Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Ka-chiu announced last week the latest immigration arrangements, quarantine entry from "3 + 4" to "0 + 3". The so-called "3+4" means 3 days of hotel quarantine + 4 days of home medical monitoring, while "0+3" means 0 days of hotel quarantine + 3 days of home medical monitoring. And Japan directly open entry restrictions, is the latest entry arrangements after hearing, not many want to leave Hong Kong travel friends want to immediately go online to buy airline tickets and hotels to prepare for "revenge travel". So now you go out or return, there is no need to worry, absolutely want to go on the go. The stock of travel to the East is up a lot, it is true that Hong Kong people want to return to the spirit of the country "Japan" and "Taiwan".

Today (26-9-2022) after the implementation of the latest entry "0 + 3" arrangements, airlines, travel websites, travel agency websites are forced to explode. (I heard that a company's leave Intranet are forced to explode left by colleagues taking leave to travel outside the ah!) Speaking of forced to explode, I would like to force their own suitcase more than a little. To travel to sweep the goods of course to prepare a good "Ji" suitcase to go, to buy to suitcase explosion ah.


Shopping is originally a happy thing. But when you think of not enough space at home to put the loot, it has become a headache. Have not considered renting a mini storage to put down the usual less used sundries or out-of-season shirts? No matter what you buy, the most important thing is to empty the storage space and have a place to put it after buying, is it? Immediately teach you a trick "0 + 3" for you to empty the home storage space.


Step 0:

Immediate action, do not think, what listen to the day first, tomorrow do, no no no, want to take advantage of the bottom of the yen to travel shopping enough, we need to take immediate action, 0 registration, 0 delay, sit up to act.


Step 1: sorting


Understand that you may usually greedy on hand, for the convenience of the items on hand, clothing, food, housing, transport and play all together, instantly for the classification of goods, each location, we recommend that you clothes into seasons, toys into the general type, food into the main food snacks first. Classification is good and then according to the importance, commonly used categories, now you have several categories of items, such as the use of a clear picture.


Step 2: To keep or not to keep


If you sort them well and then according to the importance and common use, you will find that there are many things that are not important and not commonly used, occupying a lot of space, that is, low use items away, a few important or not, not used in the past few years, probably will not be used again in the next year. The things will be pulled out. You can donate them to go away. For this reason, I have made some social enterprise links for you, to help people to help themselves, take action now.


- Caritas Computer Workshop Computer Donation
- Salvation Army Recycling Program
- Hong Kong Arts Foundation Home Appliance and Furniture Project
- Crossroads International donated materials

Don't you want to give it up?" May be useful in the future?" Nowadays, the price of a residential unit can be as high as $17,000, whether you rent or buy, that is, you will find that the original storage of miscellaneous things is an expensive thing, once you think about it is no longer heartbroken, is it?



Step 3, Storage

Different items have their own place, the principle is, don't let storage hinder your life, you are not made for it, you have to reorganize the storage location to regain space. Now, according to the first step, there is no need to keep the useless things, the rest are the useful things that you have selected. The main requirement for the storage room is a clean environment, preferably dry and moist, to avoid mold and small insects. It is recommended that the glue box is better than the paper sample box, and you can put moisture-proof supplies to keep dry.


However, Hong Kong is small and crowded, residential space is difficult to take into account the storage needs, it is recommended that you better use Mini storage, the cost is low that can free up expensive space, so that life and comfortable. Mini storage also need to take into account the fire, temperature and humidity long-term monitoring, but also pay attention to safety and traffic.

In short, whether you want to travel and sweep, or need more living space, you need to deal with storage problems immediately, if you need, welcome to talk to us at any time.



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