124 mini-storages received fire hazard orders! Is your mini storage really safe? |One Storage

124 mini-storages received fire hazard orders! Is your mini storage really safe? |One Storage

do you know? There are more than 100 mini-storage units listed by the Fire Department as "convicted by the court and issued a fire hazard order". Among them, Chai Wan is the area with the most mini-storage units issued a fire hazard order. When you choose a mini-storage, you must have safety guarantees to avoid property loss, or being forced to relocate by the mini-storage due to maintenance or closing the door. The loss can be large or small at any time.





In such a market environment, it is very important to choose a safe and reliable mini storage. As a conscientious company, we are well aware of consumers' concerns about safety, so we recommend that you choose One Storage, a safe mini storage that fully complies with the fire safety guidelines of the Fire Services Department, to ensure that your belongings are properly kept.

How can you tell if the mini-storage you rent is a safe mini-storage? You can refer to the facilities of our storage. One Storage complies with the fire protection guidelines of the Fire Services Department and has other safety facilities.

Full compliance with fire safety regulations:
We understand the seriousness of fire alarms to mini-storages, so our facilities are equipped with fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and other fire-fighting facilities, and we conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the fire-fighting functions of the facilities are kept at their best good condition. Our mini storage fully complies with the Fire Safety Regulations of the Fire Services Department.


Comprehensive security system:
One Storage is equipped with an advanced security system, including 24-hour surveillance video, access control system, emergency lighting and emergency evacuation channels. Make sure your belongings are fully protected.

Professional customer service:
Our customer service team has extensive experience to provide you with professional storage advice and solutions. In addition, we also provide free moving tools to make your moving process easier and more enjoyable.


Flexible rental plan:
One Storage provides storage options of various sizes, and provides short-term and long-term rental plans according to your needs, allowing you to easily meet various storage needs.


Excellent location:
One Storage is located all over Hong Kong, with a total of 40 branches, located in convenient transportation locations, which is convenient for you to access your items at any time. Most of our warehouses have a parking lot downstairs for your convenience when moving items.


Temperature and Humidity Control:
To ensure your items are kept in top condition, our warehouses are temperature-controlled and suitable for storing sensitive items such as documents, artwork and furniture.


Protect your privacy:
We value your privacy, and all customer personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Each mini-storage is equipped with an exclusive door lock, plus an electronic key card, so that only you can enter to ensure the safety of your items.






Why one Storage is your best choice? The above are the reasons why you should choose our One Storage. Does the mini storage you are renting meet the above safety requirements? Is there a Fire Danger Order for the mini storage you are currently renting? Immediately go to the following website of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department of the government to see if your mini storage is a safe mini storage!


Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s website for fire safety information on mini-storage:


Hong Kong Fire Services Department's target mini-storage list:

已被法庭定罪並發出火警危險令的名單 (截至2023年3月31日) 

One Storage is a safe and reliable mini storage that fully complies with the fire safety guidelines of the Fire Services Department. Compared with other unsafe mini storage on the market, we provide you with more comprehensive protection to ensure that your belongings are kept in the best possible condition. In the face of as many as 124 mini-storages that have been issued fire hazard orders in the market, choosing the One Storage is undoubtedly the most sensible choice.

Contact us now to learn more about the preferential plan of One Storage, let us provide you with professional, safe and reliable storage services! Do not continue to keep your belongings in unsafe mini storage to avoid unnecessary losses.




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