One Storage|11 tips to help you organize your mini storage for frequent access


If you need to store things in the mini storage from time to time, here is the most useful tip-put the most commonly used items in front of the mini storage


Use the same size box for all items and label the box. For those who need to store items for a month or even up to a year, One Storage can help you.


One Storage has many years of experience in mini storage, so if you are a new user of mini storage, One Storage's mini storage service will be your best assistant. 11 tips teach you how to organize a mini-storage that is convenient for frequent access.


Mini-storage tip 1: Pre-plan the location of your items. After finding the size of the mini-storage you need, you can plan the storage location of your items in advance.


If your house originally had a fixed location for storing various items, please consider placing items in the order they were originally placed.

The least used items will be listed at the back, and the most needed items will be listed at the front.


Mini Storage Tip 2: Identify the items you will use most often. Determining the items you use most often can be said to be difficult. Usually the most commonly used items in the mini-storage include seasonal items such as holiday decorations, camping equipment or sports equipment, and frequently used personal items, including photos, clothes or luggage.


Mini storage tip 3: Put the most frequently used items on the front of the device. Place the items you use most often (such as seasonal items and personal items) on the front of the device. If you want to store it for a long time, you want to have easy access to these items throughout the year. You may even want to put the bicycle at the front for ease of use.


Mini-storage tip 4: Have a master list of items Create a master list for all items in the mini-storage. Listing all the items in the warehouse in the same list will help you understand the mini-storage, so you don’t have to stay in the mini-storage for too long when you deposit and withdraw items. This list can be a list in the mobile phone, or it can be a piece of paper placed in the mini-storage.


Mini-storage tip 5: Give yourself a map of the mini-storage If your mini-storage is a large-storage type, please give yourself a map that clearly indicates the storage location of your items. This will help you find what you need without having to overwhelm you.


Mini-storage tip 6: Draw the walking channel together with the map to help you access the objects. It is best to reserve a channel in the middle of the mini-storage so that you can enter the two sides of the mini-storage. side.


Mini Storage Tip 7: Use the same size box for all items. A medium-sized box is perfect for storing most items. With all boxes of the same size, they can be easily stacked and organized within the unit. Smaller boxes are not suitable for your items, and larger boxes may be too heavy to lift.


Mini-storage tip 8: Label box with contents inside. Write down the things that need to be stored on the outside of the box. You can also use permanent markers to list some of the most important items. This will help when opening the box in the future and hoping to unpack the most commonly used items first.


Mini-storage tip 9: Use the height of the mini-storage as much as possible. Use the shelves to stack objects at a high place, and use the stairs to access, which can save a lot of space in the mini-storage.


Mini Storage Tip 10: Consider using shelves. One Storage provides shelves suitable for mini storage, which can be used by tenants to store items, especially if you have small and trivial items that need to be accessed frequently. Plastic boxes may be your best choice when stacking objects, but take into account the possibility that they may be twisted and deformed when stacked with other objects for a long time.


Mini-storage tip 111: Rent a larger mini-storage if necessary. If you cannot walk or have insufficient space when stacking items, you may need a larger mini-storage. Generally speaking, the supply of larger mini-warehouses on the market may be tight. If necessary, please contact One Storage as soon as possible. One Storage mini storage can help you meet all mini storage needs. We use a series of advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your property.


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