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Home keep family together, One Storage helps you to add more space to your home!  

Family is the starting point of everyone's life, even if you are busy at work, you can recharge yourself once you return home! Home environment is so important, it's time to understand how mini storage can add points to your home!






One Storage|迷你倉 | 香港租屋空間細怎樣辦


Since she came to Chai Wan to study, this has become Amy's real home. I didn't realize that she had accumulated a lot of clutter and the rented sub-divided unit was in a state of collapse. Recently, due to unstable part-time job and expiry of the lease, she had to move out of the flat that she really liked. The place that she will be moving to next doesn't have a lot of storage space for Amy's clothes and footwear and tools for her live performances, as well as her camping gears, paintings, bikes and miscellaneous items. toys, bikes, and miscellaneous stuff.

And the single mattress that I bought only half a year ago, I couldn't sell it and no one wanted it even if I gave it away. I was so worried about what to do, but Amy found a solution, which is to rent a mini-warehouse for storage, so that I can have more living space.



One Storage|迷你倉 | 倉庫香港 - HK迷你倉居家整理法寶


One year later, we realized that there was no space to store the seasonal clothes and miscellaneous items, and the kids had grown up and had clothes and toys that they couldn't wear, so it was like a mountain of miscellaneous items for 6 people in the family!

It was only then that we realized we should have had more storage space during the renovation!




One Storage|迷你倉|公屋中籤攻略

So, what do you do with your furniture when it comes time to decorate? Do you put it in your friend's house? Your friend's house may not have so much space to help you, do you want to put the furniture outside the door? In fact, there are many mini-warehouses provide some short-term storage services, for some families who are about to short-term renovation is absolutely helpful. Tenants can use the mini-warehouse to store furniture, even home appliances can be, and the cost is not expensive, but can provide enough space, and even help to arrange delivery and receipt services, absolutely no need to move. Therefore, mini-warehouses are definitely your good helper! 




One Storage|迷你倉|點用收納箱? 我話你知!

Storage box is a good choice, casually shopping can be found in the vicinity of the enterprise to buy a variety of storage supplies, and affordable, quality is really good, such as: AENO Living Plaza (12 mosquito store), Japan Town and so on. These stores have many branches and are convenient and inexpensive. Some of the organizers you can buy include: large organizers, baskets, portable organizers, four drawer organizers, and so on.


One Storage|迷你倉 | 新手爸媽為迎接新生命前的心理建構及家居的準備

Let's talk about the psychology of welcoming your first baby. Many new parents are not properly prepared for this part of the process. Often times, new parents have an inner child living in their hearts, and if they are not properly prepared to grow up, how can they take care of their moods? This can lead to anxiety and anxiety later on. What can they do to minimize this situation?  


One Storage | 迷你倉 | 大掃除救星

Salary has not increased but prices have been rising, the price of a small house is also rising, in order to create a comfortable space, mini-warehouses meet the needs of modern people. High-quality, cost-effective, different sizes (small storage to large storage) of constant temperature mini-warehouses for the people of Hong Kong to provide a lot of storage space. Plus do not have to go out to the temporary use of the items, clothing to the disappearance of the mini-storage home delivery is too practical, anytime and anywhere you can use the home mini-storage service, always piled up items to find a new home, but also to enhance the quality of life of their own homes, neat and not messy home environment, not only their own look happy, relatives and friends to visit also have face.


One Storage|迷你倉 | 家中舊書斷捨離

With summer vacation just around the corner and book fairs just around the corner, the peak season for getting rid of books is often a frustrating time for students and book lovers of all kinds. Maybe you are a student who has to get rid of old textbooks at home; or maybe you are a book lover who wakes up every year at the book fair and realizes that you have bought too many books, and you feel miserable when you think about your own home or moving house. When you are determined to get rid of your books, you will always wonder if it is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly to throw them away. ...... believes that mini-warehouses can help you solve the problem.


One Storage|迷你倉 | 應考慮存放入倉的幾種物品


Hong Kong's property market is getting crazier and crazier! Prices are rising. Many Hong Kong people have already rented mini storage or this kind of storage service to store some unnecessary miscellaneous items at home, such as seasonal clothing, old books and documents, outdated furnishings, etc. If you think about it more carefully, you may still have the following items that can be stored in the mini storage to save your home space! In fact, if you think about it more carefully, you may still have the following items at home that can be stored in the mini-storage, which can further save your home space!

1) Old photos/albums

2) Children's old belongings

3) Relatives' belongings

4) Paintings/artwork

5) Holiday items

6) Vinyl records





One Storage|迷你倉 | 給新生嬰兒多一點生活空間


For the sake of your children's well-being, you should do your best to do one thing - to deep clean and sanitize your room thoroughly! To create a safe and hygienic environment for your little one to enjoy, your baby's growth rate and curiosity are much faster and higher than you can imagine, so we should all plan ahead and add some small accessories to your home to minimize the chances of accidents. For example, add bumper pads to furniture with corners, and install multi-purpose locks on windows, cabinets and drawers to prevent babies from getting into contact with sharp corners, medicines or harmful objects. Storing extra furniture temporarily in a mini-storage unit provides a suitable and safe space for your child.

Maybe you have plans to welcome a new baby in the future, or maybe your baby's belongings are some of your most precious memories: crib, diaper table, your last baby's old clothes or toys, nursery decorations, toddler strollers, etc., mini storage can be tailored to meet the needs of different sizes of items, and design a storage solution that really suits your needs.



One Storage|迷你倉 | 斷捨離障礙

What should you do if you have limited space at home and some coats and shirts can't be folded to fit in the organizer? After the seasonal change, how to store the seasonal clothes in the room to really save the most space for yourself? I can only say, the clothes organizer designed by Mini Storage - Hanging Clothes Box was born for this purpose! One storage box can hang 35 shirts or 15 coats, and coats are not a problem either, and if you use the "hanging" method, you won't get creases! One Storage has made seasonal storage much easier for you!


迷你倉 | 自助存儲讓你的伴侶輕鬆搬進來


At Supreme Mini Storage, we often help couples who have just moved in together, and they constantly remind us how valuable the extra space they have been provided with by our self storage units is. Here at Supreme Mini Storage, we provide every young couple moving in together with our best advice and tips for a successful move.

- Shared space has its advantages

- Learn how to compromise

- Create a pre-move checklist

- Maintain a calm mindset



對工人姐姐好,等於對自己好?| One Storage| 迷你倉


When you have a child, your house is full of clutter, and you need to rely on your elder sister to take care of your house. If you let your sister live in the worker's room which is full of groceries before, what if you don't have any space in your house?

Supreme Mini Storage can be rented for as low as $300, you can store your own stuffs and let your elder sister to store her own stuffs, it's a two in one!



「斷、捨、離」必備攻略| One Storage| 迷你倉


Whenever you are executing your house, you need to consider how to "break, discard and leave"! If you are not willing to throw away these items, you may store them in the warehouse to improve your living space!

- Old items 

- Souvenirs

- Holiday items



學校網上開學小貼士 | One Storage | 迷你倉


In the midst of the epidemic, the home environment has become more important for people to work or study. Therefore, it is important to start from the environment to make your long-distance work and study more comfortable, and the following are some of the key points:

- Keep the environment clean and tidy

- Separate work areas

- Do not interfere with each other



在家抗疫 執屋做運動|迷你倉|One Storage

However, living in a house for a long time and the living area is not big enough, it is really boring to do exercise. Why don't you listen to the expert's advice? Every day, when you are in the house, watch TV dramas and step on the spot, the most important thing is to make sure that each step is higher than the normal running knee, so that you can start sweating after 15 minutes of stepping, which is not too long and not so boring. Besides, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can make good use of your time, start to take down the clutter in your house, move the souvenirs into the mini-storage, and increase the exercise level while you are doing the house maintenance! You will reach your goal faster.



迷你倉|搬屋迷你倉 - 如何幫助孩子整理睡房


Your little one's sleeping quarters are part of your home and can be cleaned just like any other part. Your little one may have a hard time organizing their living space, but with a little encouragement and guidance, they'll soon become storage experts! Check out a few reasons to teach your little ones to organize their rooms below.

 Why Organize Your Child's Bedroom?

- Less pressure to organize and store

- Enhances overall cleanliness

- Fewer lost items

- Kids don't get overwhelmed with stuff

- Children are more grateful for their belongings



夏入秋出,又到迷你倉出動嘅時候啦!|One Storage|至尊迷你倉

What is summer in and fall out? In? What? In what? Out? In fact, it means to put the summer items into storage, and then take the fall items out of storage, it's as simple as that! As I said before, more and more people are renting mini-warehouses, so put the miscellaneous items and seasonal items into mini-warehouses, and then your house will be much bigger! Time flies, and it's about time for the seasonal change, so we are ready to put away the summer shirts and shorts, and then take the long-sleeves and trousers out of the house! For those who have so many shirts like me, it is very annoying to buy more new shirts but not to throw away the old ones. If you have this problem, we suggest you to rent a mini-storage, because since I rented a mini-storage, I have solved all the problems, and I can put my dad's Gundam box in it!






執屋就係正能量活動,只要你識點執 ! |執屋小貼士 | One Storage | 迷你倉


Although it is a good idea to enforce the house, but in the end, you will end up with a lot of useless but unwilling to throw away, so you need some skills to enforce the house! I am going to teach you 3 tips to do so!

1. Put the most sentimental items at the end. 

2. Vacuum compress large clothes 

3. Decide the position according to the frequency of use.



拯救忙人攻略|執屋懶人必學|One Storage|至尊迷你倉

Then you really need to clear out the old items, or put the temporarily unused wet items in a big box, but one or two big boxes stacked up in the house seems to be blocking the space! Why don't you just rent a mini-warehouse, it's convenient, fast and efficient!


育兒煩惱之收拾玩具|迷你倉|One Storage 至尊迷你倉


Of course, teaching children to "have their hands dirty" is not something that can be done overnight, so why don't you wait for us at One Storage to share with you a few ways that you can clean up with your children and teach them the importance of "having their hands dirty"?

- Use a Ziploc bag to pack up loose toys.

- Utilize different kinds of storage boxes and bins. 

- Utilize unused space at home



收拾家居不只「斷捨離」|ROCK your home|迷你倉|One Storage

"Forsaking" has been popular for a long time, and the core idea is to part with unnecessary things in exchange for more space in life. However, many people say it's easier said than done, and it's simply not possible to do it. It's normal that you can't tell whether something is useful or not, and many things are full of different memories, so forcing you to give up something will only create pressure. Why don't you change your mindset and learn the newly popular ROCK your home concept?


迷你倉 | 如何為你的新BB騰出空間

In Hong Kong, the most exciting time of your life is coming; you are going to have a baby! Do you know? Will it be a boy or a girl? How much will they look like you? What will you name them? Wait - where will they sleep? Where will they play? Do we have room for a bassinet and stroller? What about all the toys? Oh, we need a car seat! And, where will we put all the diapers?


迷你倉 | 奶奶攻防戰

Grandma attacked us and suddenly said she wanted to come to my house! Grandma's laser eye scanning, immediately flashed the warning of house enforcement! However, your house is so big, if you want to make your house orderly, why don't you rent a mini-storage for as low as HK$199 per month, and put your unused clothes and houseware in order, your house will be so big and tidy, Grandma's laser eye will give you a surprise again!


迷你倉 | 斷捨離其實是一種生活態度?

It is indeed very difficult to really make a break and it takes time to deal with it. But how do we make more room in our limited space? What are the practical things that can effectively solve the space problem? In fact, renting a mini-storage is also an efficient way, and One Storage is your best choice.


一家四口 空間點管理好?|One Storage|迷你倉 | 自存倉


First of all, rent a mini-storage to put in things that you don't need for a while, or you really don't need but you don't want to part with. When the house is free of clutter, a lot of space will be freed up, and the living environment can be improved, which is much clearer to see! What should be put in the mini-storage?

Mom can put some unused and unwanted handbags, dad can put the Gundam model which he has collected for many years, and kids can put their childhood toys which are full of memories into the mini-storage.


小朋友須要成長空間|One Storage|迷你倉 | 自存倉

Don't look at the small sundries, in fact, they will take up a lot of space in the house at any time, but a simple 8 to 10 feet of storage can already solve a lot of sundries, especially seasonal small appliances, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, aromatherapy machines, playing with the already lost interest of the bread machine, light wave oven, etc., don't forget that there are also the seasonal clothes and bed linens, in fact, only a certain period of time a year need them, which is the most suitable for the mini-warehouses.


迷你倉如何幫助建立二人世界|One Storage | 迷你倉 | 自存倉 

Couples who want to have space to live a perfect and stable life together, One Storage can definitely help them realize their dream! One Storage can put away all the items you don't want to part with or things you don't need for the time being, reduce the clutter in your home to expand the activity space in your home, and improve the quality of life again! Secondly, One Storage's mini-storage stores are all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and is still expanding its business, the stores may soon cover the whole of Hong Kong. Thirdly, all One Storage mini-storage outlets comply with the latest Fire Services Ordinance and the Fire Services Department mini-storage guidelines, which can ensure the safety of customers' objects stored in them. Under such a safe condition, customers can easily and conveniently self-storage or take out the needed items in 24 hours.


雜物特赦日 | 迷你倉 | 自存倉 | One Storage 

Hong Kong is a small and densely populated area, every foot of space is expensive, it's really hard to have extra space, because of this more and more Hong Kong people will rent mini-storage to store sundries, so there are a lot of mini-storage companies on the market, but not every mini-storage meets the specifications and guidelines, so I will recommend you to use One Storage with Confidence Guarantee~!


疫情之下,家中竟然出現這些東西! | 迷你倉 | 自存倉 | One Storage 


A sudden epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of life for all of us. During this extremely difficult time, we were required to follow strict quarantine rules and had very few opportunities to leave our homes.

Even so, we all find things to do at home to pass the time. Like me, I make desserts in the kitchen! However, it should be noted that the kitchen appliances on the market have good and bad, the quality varies. Next let me introduce how to choose the right kitchen utensils.



工人姐姐執屋|迷你倉幫到手|迷你倉|One Storage


Have you watched the ViuTV program "House of Law Enforcement" in the front row? If you don't want to be like the example in one of the episodes, where a living room becomes a disaster area and a display cabinet turns into a grocery cupboard, then you may want to check out the episode "House of Law Enforcement"! Don't want to be like this example on TV? Rent a mini-storage and take it seriously!

Actually, renting a mini storage has become one of the solutions for Hong Kong people to improve their living space, because buildings in Hong Kong are small and expensive, it is difficult to find an extra inch of space for storage, so the only way is to rent a mini storage to store your groceries!



夏天用抽濕機,冬天用暖氣機,迷你倉幫到你!|迷你倉|One Storage


Every year when the season changes, it is really annoying! If this is the case, why don't you try to put the items that will be used less in the coming season into the mini storage, and only keep the items that are needed in the season at home, so that you can expand the space in your home and utilize the resources more efficiently. Especially for appliances like dehumidifiers and heaters that take up a lot of space, putting them into storage when they are not needed will definitely expand your home immediately!

But what kind of mini-warehouse is suitable for you? If you rent a mini-storage and only put the unwanted appliances in it, you will be worried about wasting them, or you may not want to dispose of them after you put them in the storage. Then One Storage is definitely a good helper for you!



過完Back To School Promotion,又係時侯要執嘢|迷你倉|One Storage

But you must have a question: How can we store so many fields in such a small building in Hong Kong? Actually, it's very simple! Rent a mini-storage and you're done! Instead of having to part with your memories, why not just rent a mini-storage and stuff all your memories into it?


小學課本點放好?|One Storage|迷你倉


Have all parents tried to put their children's books in the house without knowing when they will be useful?

How can you continue to put them in the house when there is no space? You can put them until the end of elementary school, and then you don't want the books for Primary 1, so that your house will not have any space for a long time!

Don't want to have no space for a long time, but want to keep your children's books? Rent a mini-warehouse, the problem will be solved immediately, the space is free than you!



中學派位資訊你要知!|參加條件、自行分配、統一派位、書簿收納及迷你倉|One Storage 至尊迷你倉


There are a lot of important dates in a lifetime, but the one that can make everyone in the family, from adults to children, nervous is definitely the Secondary School Places Allocation. Many parents work very hard to help their children get into the school of their choice.

If you are a parent and your child is about to enter a secondary school, you must be very nervous too, right? In view of this, let's share some information about Secondary School Places Allocation!

- Requirements for Secondary School Places Allocation

- Allocation Process Timetable

- Key Points for Discretionary Places

- Points to note at the Uniform School Places Allocation stage

- Suggestions on how to collect secondary school textbooks



莘莘學子要考試,幾年書簿放係邊?|書簿存放|One Storage 至尊迷你倉


Whether it's an internal exam that affects your ranking in the school, or a public exam that is used to apply for a university, we all use all sorts of tactics to cope with it, and the most common thing is to tutor and copy notes, and I believe that we all must have piled up a mountain of notes and books back then!

Time passes in the blink of an eye, and all these things have become memories, but if some of you have become parents, your children may still be struggling for various exams, and when you think back to those days, there were books and notes all over the place, it was really quite chaotic.

Now that you're a parent, how can you let this happen again? Want to organize your books and notes properly? We can help you! Come to One Storage for help!



整理家居,整理書包!書包整理四大要點!|One Storage 至尊迷你倉


If you have children, how will you teach and help them to organize their school bags? We, One Storage, have four tips for you!

- Categorize well

- Organize in the right order

- Put things away where they belong

- Check your bag regularly


2022 DSE放榜!升學流程全分享!|書本收納|One Storage 至尊迷你倉

Recently, the results of 2022 DSE candidates have been released! A total of 48,000 candidates, including school candidates and private candidates, sat for the DSE this year, and 17,336 candidates achieved the university's basic entry requirement - "3322".



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