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Entrepreneurship and development of your own business is definitely something to be happy about, but do you feel troubled by the pressure of storage and even document storage? In fact, you don’t have to store all your items in the office, let’s take a look at how One Storage’s ultimate mini storage can help your business grow better and better!


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Business documents can take up a lot of valuable space in your office. In today's electronic world, you might think that you don't need to keep paper documents, but that's not the case! While there are options for electronic storage of business documents, the law still requires paper to be retained for a specified period or time frame. Over time, these files can clutter office filing cabinets, pantries, and desktops. Renting a mini storage is a great business storage solution for companies that are running low on storage space in their offices.


Mini Storage | The Best Documents for Your Company

One Storage provides Hong Kong SMEs with a dedicated file warehouse to store financial reports! The One Storage can accommodate - document storage/document storage/company documents/financial statement collection, etc. Even if you are not an accountant, as long as it is a good service, employees should know that customers' orders, invoices and journals must be stored every month, They are office space killers!


One Storage|Mini Storage|File Storage - Reflection on Traditional Office

We provide mini storage to store sundries, so that you have more places to work at home. You can also receive mail on your behalf. Working from home also means little or no storage space in your "office". That's where mini storage can help. Not to mention the cheapness of mini storage. What's more, we also provide a series of business services. There is free WIFI, which can save you a lot of administrative time.



Mini Storage - How the Document Storage Stores Documents

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Mini Storage | Mini Storage - The Best Document Storage for Your Company

Using mini storage is easier than you think. One Storage can not only provide you with mini storage access services, but also provide you with the necessary skills for small storage space. Mini Storage Tip 1 - Mini Storage Tip 9


One Storage|Mini Storage | The Gospel of the Company Boss 

The file box is an important part of preserving precious historical documents, so we put thought into the design of the mini storage, and ingeniously designed a carton that does not need to be glued. In addition to making it easy for you to install, it is also enough to load standard document. Both sizes are suitable for standard A4 paper and folders, which is convenient for customers to store a large number of different documents to meet your needs.
Your files are stored in a special file center in a dedicated mini-storage. Each mini-storage operates a strict security policy, including perimeter fencing, 24/7 alarms within building boundaries, and personnel trained in data protection. Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we employ facilities that are second to none. The mini storage will strictly abide by the security policy, and all employees have been fully trained and assessed. We also ensure that the entire file access process is monitored under safe, reliable and confidential conditions.

The size of the file box that can be placed in the mini storage is 44 (length) * 37 (width) * 31 (height) cm. Each file box can hold hardcover folders, A3 size and A4 size paper, suitable for general office use. Our file boxes are made of double-layer tile-pit cardboard, which is harder and more durable than ordinary cartons. The simple hand-folded carton design saves you the process of sealing with tape.





One Storage|Mini Storage | Storage Warehouse -Hong Kong A good helper for opening a store and starting a business


Provide customers with the most fashionable products Now is the era of entrepreneurship for all, everyone can easily have the opportunity to be an online store owner! But there are always difficulties on the road to entrepreneurship, and the One Storage can solve the problem of insufficient inventory space for you, together Let's stride forward on the road of struggle!
There is also free Wi-Fi in the mini-storage, unlimited mail/package collection, which greatly helps the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises! Do you have a deeper understanding of the application level of the mini-storage?

Whether you are opening an online store, starting a business, or you need a file storage, storage of sundries at home, or even a moving storage for large furniture, One Storage is always behind you to give you the greatest support!

One Storage|Mini Storage | How Tuen Mun Mini Storage Helps Enterprises Move to Online Stores

Businesses need to be more agile and able to adapt to these situations. The mini-storage mainly plays a vital role in it, but how does the mini-storage actually help companies move into the online world? Keeping Standards If you want to start buying and selling online, a mini storage space allows you to store your goods safely and securely.

Depending on your business needs, our services are ideal for those looking to stock up, expand or need more space. We don't charge for utilities or security, and the money you save can be invested back into your business.

We also have an "easy in, easy out" flexible agreement, which means you only rent the space you need, and only rent the mini storage on a monthly basis. In an unpredictable future, you want to minimize your financial risk, and using mini storage means that you can reduce your risk of uncertainty about the future.


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No place for company documents? One Storage can help you! |One Storage

As far as corporate offices are concerned, the more spacious the office space, the more comfortable the work environment will be. However, the number of company/corporate documents will only increase with time. Even if some of the documents are digitized, they must be kept for seven years, which is indeed very difficult!

Pile after pile of company documents, placed in the company, will only make the working space of employees smaller and smaller, and the work efficiency will drop. When important documents are lost due to insufficient space in the company, no matter who is responsible, it will be a great loss! Not to mention the risk of dealing with company documents when you want to expand your company or move your office!


Mini Storage | The Best Storage Space for Slash

Do you want to have your own small office in Hong Kong? Are you a professional ecommerce retailer? Do you have a lot of goods and shipping materials that require a lot of space for your online store?










One Storage|Mini storage for you

✅ 24-hour easy access at any time
✅ 7x24 smart security access system
✅ HD security monitoring and alarm system
✅ Comply with latest Fire safety guidelines 
✅ Constant temperature air-conditioning system 



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